Recoup your investment / Save the Planet

Every year thousands of aspiring Medical professionals are either urged or required to purchase a diagnostic set to practice the skills needed to diagnose their patients by viewing the ear (Otoscope) or the retina (Ophthalmoscope).  These are key tools for learning, but quite expensive. will purchase your Diagnostic set from you after it has served its purpose of allowing you to learn and practice of your Otoscopy and Direct Ophthalmoscopy Skills. will refurbish the set, and through an associated partner re-sell it to an incoming Medical Professional at a reduced price, thus saving that student on their purchase as well.

This service:

  • Allows you to recoup a good part of the money you had to invest in your diagnostic set once you are finished with it.
  • Recycles instruments so that additional resources like Nickel Cadmium aren’t extracted from the planet.